Those Who Have Come Before Me

One of the most common questions I get is “how did you learn to make wine and only be 35?”  After I mention my post grad UC Davis studies everyone seems to be satisfied with my formal learning process.  As to my hands-on learning evolution, I started in the cellar and learned from the ground up.   I wanted to take the time on this particular blog to give a nod and a thank you to fellow winemakers who take the time to engage in conversation and answer my questions about their challenges and experiences that are similar to mine. 

One of my neighbors here at Timber Crest Farms, Ben Papapietro, is a meticulous note taker and has on more than one occasion opened up his notebooks to share his knowledge.  He is certainly a master of Pinot Noir and a great mentor!  On the other side of the parking lot is a young wine maker by the name of Jamie Peterson.  Jamie and I often sit over wine and engage in interesting conversation about fermentation techniques.  Recently I was treated to a couple of fantastic winery tours – special thanks to Biale Winery in Napa who specialize in Zinfandel and Ramey Wine Cellars of Healdsburg who are masters of Chardonnay.

My winemaking style will evolve with time and continued discussions with various winemakers.  It is satisfying to practice an art that is centuries old and our passion compels us to make better and better wines!