The Millennials

A hot topic of conversation among wine industry folks are the “Millennials”, also known as the emerging group of wine drinkers that fall between the ages of 21 and 36.  This demo is certainly into wine and the older establishment is wondering how to attract their loyalty.  Being 35, I am at the tail end of this age group, so I guess that makes me an expert!  In my opinion, the way you rally Millennials to support your brand is by NOT trying to target them, a bit of reverse psychology, if you will.  This segment of the wine consuming population is after one thing – AUTHENTICITY!

Here at Kokomo, I feel like we have captured a lot of fans in this age group and I attribute that growth to our company being real – playing the music we like, hanging pictures we like, genuinely talking to visitors as if we are hanging out with friends, and making wines that we like to drink.  Bottom line, it’s pretty simple – the Millennials have been bombarded with slick sophisticated marketing their whole lives and are adept at smelling a fraud a mile away.  Keeping it real and keeping our messaging authentic has been a totally natural process for us, and guess what?  It feels right and it works.