"Cocktail" Wines vs. "Food" Wines

I put wines into two main categories – cocktail wines and food wines.  Food wines are self-explanatory in that they are to be paired with the flavors and textures of food.  Cocktail wines, on the other hand, are designated to be consumed å la carte.  You come home from work, kick your feet up and have a glass of wine, or, you have an evening out at your local wine bar, or perhaps you have a dessert wine as an apertif.


Personally, I’m in the camp that believes food wines should be lower in alcohol and should have vibrant acidity.  We certainly make wines that fall into that category, however, I don’t believe that all of our wines necessarily have to be in that same style.  For a wine to be consumed on its own, we at Kokomo make a few “cocktail” wines – a “riper” style of wine that is juicy with bold flavors without the searing acidity.  I think as wine drinkers we need to separate the two styles of wines and not be quick to hate on one style vs. another.  Realizing that these wines are consumed and enjoyed in two different settings opens up our palates and enriches our wine experiences.