September 2011

Zin and Muscat

We have brought in all the Zin for the 2010 season and overall we are very pleased with the harvest!  Our new Rockpile Zinfandel vineyard is looking great and we are excited to see what flavors we will end up with.  Our first wine of the year is completed  - our 2011 dry Muscat.  Randy planted this one acre of Muscat on the Timber Crest estate and it will be our first bottling of a Muscat and will be available to Wine Club only.  (Only


Zinfandel Haul

Harvest is finally in full swing!  We brought in 18 tons of Zinfandel from 3 different vineyards - Mounts, Timber Crest and Pauline's.  We are pleased with the exceptional flavors and high acidity.  All of this translates to BIG flavors, great structure and because of the cool growing season the sugars are lower in turn delivering lower alcohol!!  We couldn't be more happy with this harvest!!  On to the Primitivo tomorrow.