The Dogs of Kokomo

On any given day, you will find one of these friendly pooches running around the winery in hopes of a pat on the head or a belly rub.
Rooty: Rooty is the happy go-lucky chocolate lab belonging to our owner/ winemaker, Erik Miller. Now that Rooty has reached the ripe ol' age of 10, he doesn't make it up to the winery quite as often. He has appeared in the Wine Dogs USA book, 2nd Edition and in the recently released 3rd edition. Rooty's passion is tennis balls and anything edible. Although, he found out quickly that corks are not quite edible. A belly shave and surgery fixed that.  Maybe he will learn.. but we doubt it.    

Mitchell: You might have a little more trouble spotting this one. He rarely leaves our assistant winemaker's side. Mitchell, our Husky mix,  belongs to Josh Bartels and is as sweet as can be. He loves nothing more than being in the cellar watching the guys work. He will pop out into the tasting room and say "hi" if his curiosity gets the best of him.  Mitchell also has the ability to tell time. He seems to know exactly when quitting time is every day, and reminds Josh with a nudge and a whimper.
Daisy (aka Day-Z):  This little one is our newest addition to our "dog family."  She doesn't make it here often, for fear that one of our local red-tail hawks may make off with her. Inside the winery, Daisy is a tease.  She'll show her stuff, but always leave you wanting more!
Tucker:  Ten year-old yellow lab, Tucker,  was raised to be a service dog for Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. Mid-way through his training, he opted for a career change because he just loves everyone so much! Cabernet Sauvignon is his favorite red wine.  Tucker enjoys swimming at the beach, walking and greeting Kokomo guests each Satuday in the Tasting Room.

Keep an eye out for the Wine Dogs USA edition 3 to see our dogs in print!